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Or browse results titled :. Jake Schepps Boulder, Colorado. Jake Schepps has made a name for himself as a banjo renaissance man, an artist with not only an adroit touch on his instrument but an intrepid, imaginative vision for contemporary stringband music. Based in Boulder, Colorado, he leads the Jake Schepps Quintet, playing longform classical works written for string band, music by Bela Bartok, and of course some good ol' bluegrass.

Contact Jake Schepps. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. Inclusions by Ben Sollee. Ben goes on bike tour playing shows with his cello, a drummer, and is an all around amazing human being.

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And played on the Bartok album too. Jake Schepps. If you like Jake Schepps, you may also like:. They honour the melody, never overplay. There's always emotion in their music. Love the project! Greg Yavorsky. Interpreter by Grant Gordy. Just downloaded Interpreter and listened to Wail I am stunned. You have a gift and I feel blessed that you shared it with me. I don't think I'm getting much accomplished today except listening to you play. Thank you, Larry Laush llaush.

Gentle minimalist piano compositions that twinkle and sigh, soothing like a gentle breeze. Decades Album by Tristan Eckerson. Minimal and emotionally evocative compositions for solo piano in the Ryuichi Sakamoto vein from Cincinnati's Tristan Eckerson. Isolation inspiration special, featuring new acts bubbling up during the time of the virus.Famous choro artists include Joaquim Callado and Pixinguinha. However, most Carioca funk is more mainstream and this is the type that is played in the streets and on the radio.

An interesting aspect of sertanejo is that although there are some solo singers — Paula Fernandes and Michel Teto, for example — many artists perform in duos, especially as brother and sister pairs or a duo of two men. The most important and influential music of the s and s, bossa nova combined acoustic bass with classic guitar, drums, and piano to produce a new pop genre with traces of samba and American jazz.

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Select currency. South America Brazil Music. Music is one of the cornerstones of Brazil; genres like samba are synonymous with Brazilian culture.

The remarkable aspect of Brazilian music is that so many genres are unique to the nation — bossa nova, samba, and sertanejo to name just a few.

forro brasil

As well as their own unique beats, some Brazilian musicians have borrowed other genres — rap and pop for instance — and molded them into something distinctly Brazilian. Carioca funk. Bossa nova. Read Next.It encompasses various dance types as well as a number of different musical genres. They had a different song for each crop, and for each phase of the collection. As the farmers and field hands corralled cows and carried crops from the fields into the houses and cafes, the songs came with them, and everybody joined in singing together.

From there, talented local singers began performing the songs at parties and gatherings, and sometimes they did informal competitions with competing viola guitar players in freestyle rap-like improvisations.

Originally the large metal triangle, zabumba Afro-Brazilian drum and guitar called the viola were the main instruments.

The rebec has sephardic origins, and is possibly descended from the Arabic "rabeba" which may have arrived in Brazil by way of the Portuguese, who use the Rabeca Chuleira Portugual having absorbed Arab influence dating back to the Moor's occupation from — ADor with the great Arab migrations to northeast Brazil in the late s to s from Syria and Lebanon. This word was carried by Portuguese migration waves to Brazil, and lost the light negative meaning and was slowly simplified by their children.

English engineers on the Great Western Railway of Brazil near Recife would throw balls on weekends and classify them as either only for railroad personnel or for the general populace "for all". The music is based on a combination of three instruments accordionzabumba and a metal triangle.

The dance however becomes very different as you cross the borders of the Northeast into the Southeast.

As part of the popular culture it is in constant change. Before Gonzaga other combinations have been commonly used. The combination of triangle with accordion is a combination that has already existed in European folk music before and is also used in Cajun music in the United States. This combination of instruments serves rather as a base and is not fixed, incorporating sometimes other instruments such as fiddleflutepandeirobasscavaquinho and acoustic guitar.

In this sense, the function can be compared to the rhythm guitar or the hi-hat of the drum set in rock musicalthough the triangle accentuates the third beat more strongly with its high pitched metallic sound, being damped to give a fainter and drier sound on the other beats.

The rain will be announced by the arrival of asa brancaa certain white winged bird, which only flies there if it rains there is a recent American version played by the group Forro in the Dark featuring David Byrne.

As in many other musical styles, lyrics are also often about love and romance, passion, jealousy, or reminiscing about an ex-lover. Amongst these there are many styles of dancing, which varies from region to region, and may be known by different names according to the location. There are two dance rolesone of the leader and one of the follower. Unlike many other social dances it becomes more and more common to see same-sex couples on the dance floor or leading women and following men.

Other styles may require to stay partially away, or in a considerable distance, only holding their hands up the shoulders. Xote originally has its roots in the schottische.

Because of the intimacy, there are not as many step variations in this style. Its basic step is forward-backwards — slightly similar to traditional bolero or salsa in line. With more space between the pair, many more moves, steps and turns are possible than in Nordestino styles. The more common steps include:.

Inover 70 international festivals were planned outside of Brazil. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Zabumba triangle accordion. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Oxford University Press.

Retrieved Lusophone music. Authority control GND : Hidden categories: CS1 German-language sources de Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references Articles needing additional references from February All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from May Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers.As the symbol of Brazil, any good list about traditional Brazilian dances has to start with samba.

Samba is a Brazilian music genre and dance style notable for its fast footwork and flowing hip swings which, when coupled with the beats of a steel drum, seems to leave spectators in a trance. Its origins lie in the west coast of Africa, coming to Brazil through slavery. It is the music genre and dance most closely linked to Rio de Janeiro. Jongo — sometimes known as caxambu — was brought over to Brazil through slavery and is thought to have originated from Angola. The dance is sometimes referred to as an ancient form of samba and a performance of jongo does prove that the step work is often very similar.

Lively and spirited, the dance is performed to a harmonious group of people singing and playing simple instruments. It is sometimes associated with Umbandaa religion with roots in Africa. Often simply referred to as funkCarioca funk has its own distinct style. Funk is a mix of Miami bass and African-style music, producing an underground, gritty sound — often accompanied with controversial lyrics about women, sex and drugs.

The style of dance is popular among women in the baile funks — funk parties — and is similar to twerking, with emphasis on pronounced hip movement. One of the most traditional dances out there, Bumba Meu Boi is a folklore tradition and is mostly celebrated in the north of the country around the same time as Festa Junina June Festival. The event is based around a story of a bull that dies and is later resurrected, having influences of African, European, and indigenous cultures.

forro brasil

The theatrical dance is very lively and performed in a circle with plenty of ornate costumes. Forro originates from the northeast of Brazil, yet its popularity has spread across the country over the last few years, especially in the southeast. The dance is performed in pairs and ranges from a slow, intimate side shuffle, to a much more complex rhythm of fast footwork, swings and jumps, bearing some similarities to the waltz.

Typically, the women wear long, colorful skirts with large floral stamps and men and women dance together in a circle to the beat of a few simple yet rhythmic instruments.

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Although not fully classified as a dance, it is a unique combination of martial arts, dance and acrobatics. To spectators, the hypnotizing music and fluidity of the moves certainly appear dance-like.

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Capoeira is another dance that has an African origin, coming over to Brazil through slavery. The moves include fast-paced sweeps, kicks and dodges with the lower body playing out most of the moves whilst the upper body balances the actions.

Lundu is an Afro-Brazilian dance and music, originating from Africa. Performed in a couple, the dance is relatively slow yet highly-charged and sensual. It has been identified as the root of choro a Brazilian style of music and samba. Mostly found in the state of Pernambuco, it is often considered a rural dance. The music is kept simple yet lively with instruments such as the zabumba, the dance usually performed in pairs or in a group.

Xote is a typical type of forro dance that is incredibly versatile and has several variations across the country. Blending both European and African influences, it also incorporates elements of salsa, mambo and rumba, depending on the region in Brazil.

Select currency.They were hardly alone. Hundreds of blue-jeans clad young people, mostly from the nearby city of Natal, drank beer, held hands, laughed and made out in a corral-inspired courtyard. Hundreds more couples jammed a dance floor under a thatched roof, locking right thighs to perform a dance that is at once sensual and herky-jerky, a combination that could have emerged only from Brazilian cowboy culture.

First is the pronunciation: it's faw-HAW. Then there is the definition. It's a slippery term, and can mean different things depending on who your source is. And Calcinha Preta, after all, means "Black Panties," not exactly evocative of country roots.

At the door, there was no pretense of snobbery, no line to enter or to get one of the tickets that bartenders mark to keep track of your tab. There was just a wave of heat radiating from the dance floor. Inside, I found something like an artsy barn-in-the-city with a slightly self-conscious touch of cool. It was a cavernous space full of old wood beams, white plastic tables and chairs, and a sizable dance floor and stage on the far side.

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The young people in jeans were unintimidating, far different from the tanner-than-thou skin-baring set at clubs in Rio. Marking everyone's ticket as they ordered, bartenders tossed out Antarctica beers and the occasional whiskey, and a slushy orange-colored frozen drink from a machine.

It turned out to be vodka with what a helpful local explained was "a fruit we have around here that's called a tangerine. Couples who could not penetrate the densely packed dance floor danced around tables covered in empty beer cans, drink glasses and cigarette butts, frat-party style.

The volume of the sound system was completely bearable, halfway between department store Musak and a rave. You could converse without shouting, which was a good thing, because my dancing ability alone wasn't going to win me many friends. The friendly vibe, the laid-back not-so-cool crowd, the faux rural feel — I was charmed. Charmed, that is, until it came time to leave and face the Brazilian club-exiting system, which has to be one of the biggest mood spoilers in global night life.

Instead of the American pay-as-you-go method — which at the end of the night allows you to be dancing one minute and escaping into the night, ears ringing, the next — getting out of most clubs in Brazil requires a wait in a painfully slow line to settle the tab.

Still an active forrozeira herself she recently put out an albumshe was performing the Friday I was in Recife. But first, there was Friday evening to contend with.

How to Forró Like a Brazilian

She was the first act of the night, and despite a sparse crowd she gave a spirited performance, her rough-edged voice cracking with age, booming through the square and seeping out into the colonial streets.

The crowd started growing, as bikers and passers-by stopped to listen. The next morning, I began what was supposed to be a four-hour drive north. But the mystery was solved as the dish arrived, shrimp pairs hooked together around the plate, a perfect crustacean copy of interlocking thighs on the dance floor.

You could tell that the event was a success just from the crowded parking lot, and festive, from the massive bonfire near the entrance. Lopes later told me that the event regularly attracts 2, people a month without formal advertising.

Over in one corner, a few people watched a documentary on Luiz Gonzaga; others sat on concrete-topped, brick-legged tables sipping beer and soda, taking in the full moon. Around the outer walls, couples kissed under flickering open gas lamps. As the night went on, the beer line grew shorter and the churrasco meat-on-a-stick line grew longer.

Forró in Brazil: Under a Full Moon, Dancing to the Beat of the Zabumba

The best dancers were stuck together at the thighs, moving in such unison that they looked like marionettes controlled by a single set of strings.Its popularity took over the northeast of Brazil, where it is still the number one music genre and dance there today.

From these rhythms come different dance forms. Xote dance style is a classic left-left, right-right foot step whilst standing close to your partner. Another variation of xote is the universitariowhich is similar to the classic xote yet with forward-backward moves and variations of sequences.

The latter is commonly found outside of the northeast. Miudinho is another xote variation that has a lot of hip movement and intimacy between the pairs. Arrasta-pe is a fast version of xote and is breathtaking to watch.

Alternatively, take some classes to learn the moves. Dance CCC, R. Baillar Dance School, Rua Dr. Select currency. Like the waltz, it is an intimate dance conducted in pairs. The most popular theory, however, is the story that has been supported from artists like Gilberto Gil.

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10 Traditional Brazilian Music Genres You Need to Know About

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